Guilty Pleasure(s)

Not without some serious trepidation, we started watching my favorite favorite all-time favorite (no really, I was obsessed–I collected newspaper clippings, magazine articles, episode announcements in the TV guide, etc) middle-school era show:  Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

Mercifully (unlike, say, The A-Team), the re-watch did not make me want to time-travel to slap the stupid out of my younger self.  My younger self is, admittedly, as much of a sentimental sap as my older self, but I can live with that.

During season three, I suddenly realized how much Leroy Jethro Gibbs looks like an older Lee Stetson.  I’d already linked Bones and NCIS in my head.  Ralph Waite played both Gibbs’ father and Booth’s grandfather, so naturally Booth and Gibbs are related.

Which is how I ended up writing my first piece of fanfic.

Yup, a whole collection of guilty pleasures to fess up to.

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