Homegoing, the first in a Three Lands trilogy ‘The Tall Ships of Saradena’ was released in December 2014 by Pink Narcissus Press.

Homegoing - Butler

Homegoing is about what happens with a kingdom receives a threatening letter from a country they’ve never heard of.  I am currently procrastinating with the aid of cat videos hard at work on the second.

I am also working on the first book of a different THREE LANDS series, probably a quartet.  Lord Garland’s Daughter takes place four years earlier than Homegoing.  Elsbeth, a secondary character in HG, is the main character of LGD.  In LGD, we follow Elsbeth as she tries to escape a loathed arranged marriage.  She’s willing to do anything.  Including running away with the man she really loves.  Too bad he doesn’t know it.



One thought on “THREE LANDS Fantasy

  1. Hi Ms. Butler. I just came across your info about the forthcoming novel set in Annagassan. I am planning a trip there soon, as I have learned thru genealogy research that one of my maternal Irish great great grandmother was from that village. I am very interested in learning more, since my paternal grandfather was from Denmark, hence, it appears I am Viking on both sides of my ancestral lineage.
    Cant wait to read your novel! Keep me in mind….
    Judy Jensen

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