Free Stories

Wherein I will post links to free stories occasionally.  Obviously.  But it’s weird to have a page with no intro text.

Perhaps a little on-hold music would suffice…?

(Doooooo!  Dododododooooo!  Dododododooooooo!  Dududududaaaaaah!)

Is Phantom of the Opera hold music yet?

Anyway, those stories:

Farewell the Dove:  The website where this flash fiction was published is no longer up, so I thought I’d make it available here.  It takes place just before the beginning of Lord Garland’s Daughter.  It’s about Wealdin (who we saw at the end of Homegoing) sending her youngest child to his fostering.  That little boy, Colm, is the fosterling Murrow escorts to Garland Castle at the beginning of LGD.