My career has a foot in two related but different worlds.

On the one side, academia.  I teach at the University of Maryland, usually Tolkien, Harry Potter, or medieval literature and history.  I did my dissertation research on direct address in medieval and early modern drama, and I’ve published articles in that area.  Someday, by golly, I will finish that book about the transition from direct address to soliloquy.  Not to mention that historical novel about the Towneley plays that I kick around in my head.  I’m also interested in memes and other pop culture forms of literary criticism.


On the other side, fiction.  I’ve placed enough short stories to qualify for ‘published’ status with Pennwriters (an excellent writers’ organization and not just for folks in Pennsylvania).

My debut novel, Homegoing, was released by Pink Narcissus Press in 2014.  A second, co-authored novel, The Last Abbot of Linn Duachaill, was published by S&H Publishing in 2015.

Unwilling to waste good material, particularly when I’ve worked so hard for it, I also blog about the unintentional hilarities of parenting. I’m pleased to report that despite their best efforts none of the children have escaped.  Recently.


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