Irish History Podcast

I’m new to the world of podcasts but now that I’ve got a mile long walk to take my kids to school, I’ve been looking for Ipod-based entertainment for the daily trek.

One I’ve been enjoying is the Irish History Podcast.

I haven’t been able to get a functioning link inserted here. Hey, if I were good with techy stuff, I’d be off somewhere making webpages and buckets of money. Actually, I take that back. I do okay with technology. So long as it’s 9th century technology.

Anyway, their web address is

One thought on “Irish History Podcast

  1. I love the article on Dunmore Cave on your link. I have visited ther many times and to say it is atmospheric is an understatement. I can’t imagine the terror those people, women and children, felt with the Vikings outside and inside the cave…

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