Celtic Myths (Miranda Jane Green)

This little book packs a punch. Not even 100 pages and nicely illustrated, it still manages to be a nice, concise introduction to the belief system of the pre-Christian Celts. Of course, the brevity may owe something to how little we know with any certainty. Phrases like ‘there’s no direct archaeological evidence of…’ or ‘we can’t be certain that…’ appear with distressing regularity in any book about the Celts. It’s an inescapable problem. But if you’re looking for an entry point, there are worse places to start and not many better.

Celtic Myth Podshow

Among the multitude of audio delights with which I cram my Ipod for the mile-long walk to and from the youngest children’s elementary school is the Celtic Myth Podshow.

I only stumbled across it a few months ago, and consequently am three years behind their new episodes, but so far I’ve been enjoying it tremendously.